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Эссе о том, как погоня за модой может уничтожить содержание.

But to many of us Supernatural had something more than just hunks and creatures. It had a human story; a compelling exploration of two-blue collar guys, tied to each other by family and shared experience and the awful knowledge of the dark and horrifying world they had been dragged into by their vengeful father. Not only was this premise engaging for its comparative novelty, the tone and mood of the show helped to pull us in and keep us interested. It was gritty and authentic, it treated us like adults without losing its sense of humor; it made an effort to show us what the world would be like if the supernatural was real, and it was that reality - that authenticity - that we loved as much as the attractive stars and their characters’ engaging story. It was grown up, different, unique. Its tone echoed the X-Files without aping it; the writing was smart and sharp, and genuine. The episodes were written with its human characters at the center, and facing evil that was often frightening enough for us to want to keep the lights on. Those episodes were written with an eye for what was good character development, good storytelling, not for what looked cool; it was a show of characters that felt real, reacted in real ways, against adversaries that felt authentic.

Эх, Карвер, за рейтингами погнался, душу потерял.

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